Follow-up of purchase orders and bills

The PONet service has been created to carry out the monitoring of Purchase Orders and Invoices in a faster, wider and more effective way.

Optimizing the time of identification of deviations in the fulfillment of the commitments made with its clients. This service also allows the issuance of invoices and Packing lists.

Balance control for item to be imported:

Quick access to changes made in Purchase Orders and their items;
Possibility of linking the Purchase Orders and their Invoices;
Customization of Reports and Notices about the progress of Purchase Orders and Invoices;
Registration of groups of recipients to be informed;
Total customer satisfaction, avoiding penalties for non-compliance of the commitment when creating the Purchase Order;
It does not need facilities in the stations and server, requiring only access to the internet and a web browser.
The PONet service integrates with FollowNet allowing you to update the Occurrences information by registering them in PONet and also to automate the filling and updating of process information in PONet.
By using PONet you are also able to print Invoice and Packing list, according to the requested model.

E.Mix has been in the software development market since 1998. It is a company with innovative solutions in technology to broaden specific results in the short and medium term and to create differential for their customers. Annually our service manages millions of customer operations of the widest range and size.To know the e.Mix profile is of the utmost importance because the company is not about the walls but about the people who work for it

The behavior, posture and attitude of each professional are in truth what builds the e.Mix profile. In line with our virtuous values, our team works focusing on the customer, its needs and the constant demands of the market. We conduct our projects with pleasure and joy, dedicating every effort to achieve the customer and partner loyalty. We are in this because above all we like, respect and valorize what we do.

"In 1998 we started a dream. A dream born out of a commitment to our customers, our desire to innovate and to always offer the best solutions! We created our values as a team and they represent what we want to achieve to be not only the best company but a unique company that understands and serves the customer with the love and respect it deserves!"

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"Contribute to the business success with innovative solutions, transforming lives and strengthening relationships"

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"People connected in search of innovative solutions in technology with excellent results, valuing the true, long-lasting human relationship"

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